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Every child needs a family.

The loving care that families provide on a daily basis is key to improving the lives of children who have experienced foster care. Casey Family Programs strengthens America’s families by supporting foster parents, kinship caregivers and birth parents.

Children in foster care today represent our nation's most vulnerable population. By the year 2020, Casey Family Programs aims to safely reduce this number by 50 percent, providing more support for those who need to remain in care.

Casey Family Programs’ social workers partner with families to:

  • Increase adoption and guardianship opportunities.
  • Find relatives who are able to care for a child.
  • Reunite children with birth parents when safe and appropriate to do so.

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Moving Toward Hope

Paths to keep children safe, make families strong and build supportive families


Becoming a Foster Parent

Casey Family Programs provides resources to help you decide whether to become a foster parent, and connect you with agencies seeking foster parents.

Foster Parents

Casey Family Programs provides resources for those of you who already are foster parents.

Kinship Caregivers

Are you a grandparent, aunt, uncle or close family friend who has stepped in when a child experiences trouble at home? Casey Family Programs has resources for you.

Birth Parents

Are you a parent who has reunited with a child from the foster care system? Casey Family Programs wants to hear from you.