Research Network on Youth Mental Health Care
Implementing and sustaining effective mental health treatments

www.macfound.orgEffective mental health treatments identified over decades of research have not made their way into most everyday practice settings. The Research Network on Youth Mental Health Care formed to address the implementation of such treatments.

The Child STEPS model
Armed with the perspectives of clinical care organization leaders, clinicians, families and family advocates, the network has developed the Child System and Treatment Enhancements Projects (Child STEPS) implementation model.

In order to bring proven, effective mental health treatments to organizations that serve at risk youth, Child STEPS focuses on five core elements:

  • Training and weekly case consultation with mental health clinicians serving youth
  • An information management system that monitors progress
  • Family engagement and empowerment
  • Adjustments to the working culture within mental health organizations

Next steps
Findings from the network’s current work will move the project from a focused test in several clinics to a wider dissemination and assessment across a broad range of providers.

The Maine Office of Child and Family Services has been selected for an implementaion study to improve the quality of mental health services for youth. Maine's partners in this effort are:

  • Community Counseling Center
  • Counseling Services Inc.
  • Kennebec Behavioral Health
  • Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine
  • Maine Parent Federation
  • National Alliance on Mental Health
  • Southern Maine Parent Awareness

Network members
The Research Network on Youth Mental Health Care is funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The network’s members are:

Bruce Chorpita
Ann Garland
Robert Gibbons
Charles Glisson

Evelyn Polk Green
Kimberly Hoagwood
Kelly Kelleher
John Landsverk

Steve Mayberg
Jeanne Miranda
Sonja Schoenwald
John Weisz