National Working Group on Foster Care and Education

For seven years, Partnership for Strong Families (PSF) has worked with Florida’s Department of Children and Families to provide comprehensive community-centered child welfare services to children and families living in the northeast region of the state.

PSF partners with several other agencies to enhance the community’s ability to protect and nurture children by building, maintaining and constantly improving a network of family of support services that are community-driven, advocacy-based, locally organized and empowered.

Focus on the community
The concept of community-based care and community-centered child protection goes hand-in-hand with Casey’s belief that child welfare has to adopt a holistic view and address the needs of children within the context of their families, and the needs of families within the context of the communities in which they live.

Creating long lasting improvements in foster care, including permanent safe reduction, depends on strengthening families which in turn depends on strengthening their communities.

Florida's foster care improvement efforts
Since 2005, Florida has seen its foster care population reduced by 24 percent due in part to:

  • Commitment and direction provided by state leadership
  • Finance reform
  • Intentional partnerships with private agencies, such as PSF, to deliver support services to families in their own communities