Improving Educational Continuity and School Stability for Children in Out-of-Home Care
Promising Practices and Lessons Learned
December 2009

In a breakthrough series collaborative (BSC), teams from state, county, and tribally administered child welfare agencies come together to conduct small-scale practice changes that are rapidly tested and disseminated, and that can lead to dramatic system-wide improvements in a short time.

Pioneered in the health care arena, the BSC methodology is new to the field of child welfare but shows significant promise for bridging the gaps between best practices and actual practice.

This report highlights the most promising practices developed by the participating teams where the focus was on improving educational continuity and school stability; these strategies influenced systems change by enhancing the way information is exchanged across systems and by coordinating resources and advocacy around educational issues.

The strategies, practices, and tools that emerged as having the greatest potential for affecting systems improvements are described along with the many insights and lessons learned that shaped the teams’ experiences.