Get Summer Employment and Training (GetSET)
Bettridge-Aultman, T., Ichikawa, D., Selby, P. Get Summer Employment and Training (GetSET) Final Evaluation Report (2009). Seattle: Casey Family Programs.
Executive Summary
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Final Evaluation Report
by Tonya Aultman-Bettridge, Jenna Ichikawa and Peter Selby
April 2009

About GetSET
In 2002, Casey Family Programs’ Yakima Field Office began offering the Get Summer Employment and Training Program (GetSET) for youth in out-of-home care in the Yakima Valley and southeastern Washington State. The program helps youth in out-of-home care become more self-sufficient as they prepare to transition to interdependence.

Evaluation findings
In this final evaluation report, youth expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the program and were able to identify specific ways in which the program enhanced their readiness to succeed in the workplace environment.

Other survey data analyses did not reveal statistically significant findings but did suggest positive patterns, such as a slight improvement in daily functioning for GetSET participants between their baseline and three month follow-up survey scores.

The parent survey results also suggested that there was a non-significant but positive trend toward improvement for GetSET youth.