It's My Life: Employment Guide
A Guide for Transition Services from Casey Family Programs
October 2004

Career and employment success for young people from foster care is rooted in an ongoing journey connecting parents, caregivers, friends, mentors, advocates, communities, schools, and employers. Specific tools and strategies can help in this process. Expanding on the It’s My Life transition framework, this practical, concise handbook is intended for child welfare professionals and others responsible for helping young people prepare for transition to adulthood and the workplace.

This guide provides the following recommendations to help prepare young people for employment:

  • Start early to develop employability
  • Cultivate interests and skills, and relate them to future employment
  • Promote activities that help young people explore careers
  • Build job-readiness skills
  • Help young people get and keep jobs
  • Promote work-related education and training after high school

It’s My Life: Employment provides benchmarks for career exploration and techniques for job seeking. It breaks out the benchmarks by age group and lets young people describe their successes in their own words. It also provides a wealth of links to online tools and assessments and many suggestions for taking advantage of community resources.