Amanda Metivier turns foster care experience into system reform

Foster care alumna turns experience into system reform in Alaska
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RUNTIME: 00:03:18

Amanda Metivier spent three years in foster care in Anchorage, Alaska, before she aged out of the system. She went on to become a strong advocate for foster care reform. She earned a master’s degree in social work and is now the executive director of Facing Foster Care in Alaska (FFCA), working to amplify the voices of foster youth and alumni to raise awareness in the community, build political will and promote positive changes in the child welfare system. Metivier has led efforts to deliver legislative testimony that resulted in passage of a bill extending foster care to age 21 and allowing youth to re-enter care. She also organized foster youth and alumni to present to legislators about foster care issues facing Alaska Native Youth.

“We’ve raised a lot of awareness in the community,” she says. “Now that they know what’s happening, they want to help. And we give them opportunities and ways that they can help.”

Metivier received a 2013 Casey Excellence for Children Award for alumni.