Antinette Blocker helps families navigate child welfare system

North Carolina mom helps families navigate child welfare system
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RUNTIME: 00:03:23

Antinette Blocker is a Family Partner who encourages parents with children involved in the child welfare system to recognize the positive attributes of their family members and draw strength from them. Through her own experience with the child welfare system, Blocker knows what it feels like to be a parent going through an investigation without any support.

Being a Family Partner has become a personal mission for her. She strives to provide parents with the type of support that she wanted and needed. Blocker’s greatest strength as a Family Partner is the passion that she brings when advocating for a family.

“To me a Community of Hope is everybody working together for the same cause, and that is reunification of families.”

Blocker received a 2013 Casey Excellence for Children Award for birth parents.

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