Virginia man is foster dad to many kids, resource for parents

Mark Hinson

Mark Hinson has been a foster parent since 1998. His journey began caring for youth after searching for a foster parent willing and able to support a young man living with HIV. Hinson has embraced the goal of reducing the number of children in foster care. He has taken the “do whatever is necessary” approach in supporting Hampton, Virginia’s philosophy that no children should be raised in group homes or treatment centers.

Hinson serves on the Virginia State Leadership Advisory Team and has become a resource to parents as their children return home. He also is a trainer and mentor to new foster parents, offering support and advice to all who ask.

Although Hinson acts as a father to many, he supports them connecting and living with their families even as they move toward adulthood.

Hinson received a 2013 Casey Excellence for Children Award for foster parents.

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