Casey Family Programs is a nonpartisan resource for federal and state policymakers. We provide comprehensive child welfare information and education driven by data and based on evidence of what works best to improve the lives of children and families. We draw on our direct services and consulting work to help align and improve state and federal child welfare policies, allowing communities to focus on preventing abuse and neglect and improving outcomes for children in foster care.


Lorain County
A community in Ohio is making investments beyond placing children in foster care, thanks to the Title IV-E waiver demonstration project.
We share what we have learned with public child welfare systems, private providers and other community partners across the nation to inform policy.

We provide nonpartisan information, resources and education to support federal, state and tribal policymakers in safely reducing the need for foster care and improving outcomes for children and families. We develop resources and educational materials driven by data and based on evidence of what works best to improve the lives of children and families.


We support the development of a shared vision of change by public, private and community-based organizations and an integrated approach for achieving it. We promote promising practices and underlying policies that improve the lives of vulnerable children and their families. In particular, we advocate for policies that allow child welfare systems to make smart, effective investments so more children have the opportunity to grow up in safe, stable and supportive families.

We are committed to supporting federal child welfare policy changes that will provide every state with the ability to invest existing resources in the most effective strategies to safely reduce the need for foster care, strengthen families and improve the safety and success of all children.


We constantly collaborate with a broad range of partners to collectively extend the depth and reach of our public policy work with executive, judicial and legislative branches of federal, state and local governments. To learn more about how to partner with Casey Family Programs, please contact us.

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