Life of Hope award presented to Robert Carter

Casey Family Programs is pleased to announce the recipient of a 2024 Life of Hope Award, which recognizes individuals for an enduring commitment to ensuring the safety and success of children, families and the communities where they live. This year’s recipient is Robert Carter, who adopted five children from foster care so that the siblings could all be raised together as one family.


Robert Carter’s journey to becoming a father of five shows the power and importance of family connections. Separated from his eight siblings in foster care at age 13, Carter was able to gain custody of a younger sister when he turned 18, and then guardianship of a younger brother. He grew his family again when he became a foster parent to three brothers. When he learned that the boys had been separated from their two sisters in foster care, Carter worked to bring them together. In late 2020, they officially became a family when Carter adopted all five. The owner of a Cincinnati hair salon, Carter balances parenting and entrepreneurship. In Carter’s ongoing commitment to the meaning of family, he now has his parents back in his life, and his children now have grandparents in theirs.