Traditional Benefits
Eligible employees receive medical, dental and vision coverage immediately upon hire. Casey Family Programs also offers coverage for dependents, disability plans, life insurance and other benefits.

Time Off
Casey Family Programs offers many leave options to help you meet your needs outside of work, including paid and unpaid leaves of absence and 10 paid holidays per year.

Casey Family Programs’ retirement resources include 403(b) and 401(a) plans, a financial planner stipend, as well as resources for financial planning, including ongoing education and access to retirement specialists.

Casey Family Programs’ education benefits are designed to foster learning in employees as well as their dependents, from early childhood through postsecondary programs.

Casey Family Programs offers innovative programs for wellness and preventative care, including alternative care benefits, health club dues subsidy, a comprehensive employee assistance program, and a wellness incentive and coaching program.

Parental Benefits
Casey Family Programs supports families with paid parental leave, well baby care benefits, and access to a host of child care resources, including pregnancy, adoption, special needs children and mothers at work.