We are committed to Building Communities of Hope, a nationwide effort to prevent the need for foster care by supporting families in raising safe, happy and healthy children.

We recognize that creating better futures for children and families will not be possible unless we take into consideration the community conditions that surround them. If a community is healthy — if it is safe, supportive and teeming with opportunities — then it will have the elements that children need to thrive.

We must do more to build hope so that every child, in every home, in every ZIP code in America has the same access and opportunity to thrive. That will require that we look beyond what the child welfare system can do alone and consider how we can work together across systems and across sectors to improve the broader conditions that affect the health, safety and opportunities of children and their families.

Communities of Hope is a vision for how society can best support the safety and success of every child and family and a theory of change for how we can achieve sustainable, long-lasting transformation of the child welfare system as we know it today into a true child and family well-being system.

Achieving the vision of Building Communities of Hope is a shared responsibility that will require leadership in all five sectors – government, business, nonprofit and faith-based, philanthropic and the community members themselves – working together to build hope for children and their families.

To learn more about Building Communities of Hope, explore our 2024 Signature Report, A Season of Hope: Growing the role of families.