The seven-member Executive Team is led by President and CEO Dr. William C. Bell and is responsible for overall strategic, financial, programmatic and operational direction of Casey Family Programs.


William C. Bell, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer

William C. Bell became president and chief executive officer of Casey Family Programs in January 2006. He chairs the Executive Team and is ultimately responsible for the vision, mission, strategies and objectives of the foundation. Prior to leading the foundation, he served as executive vice president for child and family services. Prior to joining Casey Family Programs, he was commissioner of the New York City Administration for Children’s Services. He has more than 35 years of experience in the human services field. LEARN MORE »


Joseph Boateng, CFA, CPA/PFS, Chief Investment Officer

Joseph Boateng joined Casey Family Programs in January 2007. He advises the Board of Trustees as it carries out its responsibility for the investment of foundation assets. Before joining Casey Family Programs, he was a member of the Johnson & Johnson Investment Committee, responsible for managing over $17 billion in employee benefit assets worldwide.


Dave Danielson, Executive Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Dave Danielson joined Casey Family Programs in July 2001. He oversees financial planning, analysis and operations, as well as technology, facilities and research services. Prior to joining Casey Family Programs, he was an independent consultant to clients that included Fortune 500 and technology companies. He has held senior positions in the banking industry and with Price Waterhouse, and is a Certified Public Accountant.


Marva Hammons, MSW, Executive Vice President of Child and Family Services

Marva Hammons joined Casey Family Programs in 2007. She oversees the foundation’s direct practice work and is responsible for the foundation’s nine field offices and its Indian Child Welfare office. Before joining Casey Family Programs’ Executive Team in 2010, she was a managing director of strategic consulting. Prior to that, she was executive director of the Colorado Department of Human Services.


Roxanna Nowparast, Chief Program Counsel and Executive Vice President of Legal Services

Roxanna Nowparast joined Casey Family Programs in 2004. She oversees the foundation’s legal affairs, provides counsel to leadership and staff, and helps with setting and implementing strategic goals from a legal perspective. Previously, she practiced with Miller Nash LLP (now Miller Nash Graham & Dunn), where she focused on business, financial and real estate transactions. She holds a law degree (cum laude) from Seattle University and is admitted to practice in Washington and California.


Laura Sagen, Executive Vice President of Communications and Human Resources

Laura Sagen joined Casey Family Programs in 1994 and became an executive vice president in November 2009. She oversees internal and external communications, media relations, employee relations, compensation, benefits, retention, recruitment, training and development, as well as leadership development, performance management and organizational development. Prior to joining the Executive Team, she was the foundation’s senior director of human resources for eight years. Prior to joining Casey Family Programs, she held positions in human resources at Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and CIGNA Insurance Company.


David Sanders, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Systems Improvement

David Sanders joined Casey Family Programs in July 2006. He oversees the foundation’s work with child welfare systems to improve practice, with an emphasis on ensuring safe and permanent families for children. He also oversees the foundation’s public policy work. Prior to joining Casey Family Programs, he directed all operations for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.