Cory Kercher - Permanency
RUNTIME: 14:12
Cory Kercher was 17, just days away from aging out of the foster care system. Watch this video to follow Cory’s journey to finding his forever family.
Casey Family Programs works directly with children and families to develop and demonstrate effective, practical solutions to safely reduce the need for foster care, improve well-being, and secure safe and lifelong families for every single child in our care. We operate nine field offices in five states — Arizona, California, Idaho, Texas and Washington — that provide direct services to urban, suburban and rural communities.

We have set a bold goal for our direct services work — to secure a safe, nurturing and permanent family for every young person in our care, whether through reunification with their birth family, adoption or kinship care.

The foundation’s history has helped us to understand the unique needs of urban, suburban and rural child welfare practitioners in best supporting children and families. We design our programs to create opportunities for children to reach their full potential, with a particular focus on education, employment and mental health services.

We draw on nearly five decades of frontline experience in offering a range of services to more than 1,100 children, youth, young adults and families. We develop, evaluate and refine effective, data-driven child welfare practices and policies — and demonstrate what works.

We share the knowledge of what we have learned with state, tribal and county child welfare systems, private providers and community partners. We support and share the efforts of community-based and faith-based and other organizations to effectively partner with child welfare systems.

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