One teen’s extraordinary journey to his forever family

Some 30,000 foster youth will turn 18 this year without a permanent family. Called “aging out,” this transition marks the time when young people are considered adults and are no longer served within the foster care system. Without a permanent connection, these youth often face adult decisions — finding a job, a place to live, trying to continue their education — without the support or guidance that many young people count on their families to provide.

Casey Family Programs is committed to ensuring that no child in our care will age out of foster care without a permanent family. The video below tells the story of a remarkable young man, Cory Kercher, and his quest for a permanent connection. Cory was only days away from aging out of the foster care system when he faced the daunting challenge of finding his birth mother to finalize guardianship papers before his 18th birthday.

Watch this video to follow Cory’s journey to finding his forever family.

Cory Kercher - Permanency
RUNTIME: 14:12
RUNTIME: 14:12

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