Casey Family Programs statement on the death of Congressman John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis inspired courage and hope in generations of Americans to stand up for what is right and to commit ourselves to fighting for civil rights, justice and equality across this nation and the world.

We mourn his loss and send our heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones. As we reflect on his incredible life and journey, we are renewed in our commitment to building on his vision of a country where every child, family and community member, no matter their race, culture, religion, orientation or country of origin, has the opportunity to thrive and enjoy the fruits of our society.

Congressman Lewis understood that when all children and families have equal and abundant access to education, healthcare, nutrition, housing and living-wage jobs it creates a stronger, more prosperous and more hopeful nation.

When facing the system of racism, hate and injustice, Congressman Lewis was not bowed. He put his life on the line to help this nation face a painful history and systemic failures and to take steps toward a better and more just future for all.

His work is far from finished, as the protests and demands for sustainable change and the dismantling of systems of oppression following the tragic murder of George Floyd and many other people of color over the decades attest. It falls on all of us who recognize the progress that he helped achieve to pick up our share of the burden and continue down the pathway of hope.

He will always stand as a hero in our collective journey to build Communities of Hope.