Casey Family Programs
3878 Old Town Avenue
Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92110-3023
Phone: 619.543.0774
Toll-Free: 888.281.5389
Fax: 619.543.0743

Casey Family Programs’ San Diego Field Office has supported this largely urban county of 3 million people since 1993. Most of the children we serve live with foster families. Others are in the care of relatives, in what is known as kinship care.

Become a foster parent!
We are currently recruiting foster parents interested in caring for youth, ages 11–18.

Our goal is to attract foster families made up of caring adults who are committed to being a “permanency partner” – someone who is willing to be a part of the team that will find permanent solutions for our youth – whether this happens through reunification with birth families, guardianship, or even adoption. Foster parents also assist youth in connecting with other important people in their lives, such as extended family members and mentors.

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