Video: Knowing Who You Are
Facilitator Guide
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Viewer Guide
A journey to help youth in care develop their racial and ethnic identity

This 24-minute video sets the stage for the e-learning and in-person components of Knowing Who You Are. In it, 23 individuals (youth in care, alumni, child welfare professionals, birth families, and resource families) share their perspectives about why race and ethnicity matter and the importance of integrating racial and ethnic identity into child welfare practice.

Video design and intent
Besides raising awareness, the Knowing Who You Are video acknowledges the discomfort many people feel around discussing these issues and inspires viewers to confront their fears and begin conversations about race and ethnicity and their impact in society and in the child welfare system.

Video study guides
The Knowing Who You Are video is accompanied by a facilitator guide and a viewer guide. Downloading and reading these before viewing the video will improve the quality of post-viewing discussion.