Casey Family Programs works with child welfare systems and American Indian tribes to help them develop practices and policies best suited to address the unique needs of the children and families they serve. We offer ongoing strategic consultation at no cost to child welfare systems and tribes in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

We help systems and communities to deploy integrated, effective responses that improve the safety and success of children. We strive to enhance their ability to partner with families, communities, policymakers, and other public and private stakeholders to safely reduce the need for foster care. We support system improvements in practice and policy and work to ensure that these improvements will endure over time.

Casey Family Program’s strategic consultants have extensive training and experience. Many of them are former child welfare leaders with a track record of improving outcomes for children and families. They are ideal partners for public child welfare agencies seeking help to strengthen practices and policies.

Indian Child Welfare

Through our Indian Child Welfare team, we partner with tribes and American Indian/Alaska Native communities across the country to support their development of effective and culturally responsive child welfare services.

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We work with American Indian and Alaska Native communities to support their efforts to improve the safety and success of children and their families.


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